?Thank you for Availing Elite Forex Scalper


?In order for us to set your account please fill up this form first: https://bit.ly/EFSVPSactivate

Set-up  may take up to 12-48hrs during business days

If you haven’t joined our Support group yet : ? https://t.me/+eZKktHoXIXcwYWI9

?For balance below $10,000 it is required to open a cent account. If you don’t have a cent account please open it here first : ? http://bit.ly/EliteFBS

?For all technical support please only message ? https://telegram.me/jeorgetech on their scheduled time 8:00 am to 4:00 pm London Time Mondays to Fridays.

Things to remember:

✅Take note, since your account is hosted under our in house vps, we are the only one who has access to the vps. Just fund your account , fill up the form and will take care of the rest.

✅ To request for setting modification please contact https://telegram.me/jeorgetech (our technical support)

✅Request of Modification of settings may take place within 12-48hrs business working days

✅ Inform us if any deposits and before withdrawals for us to be able to adjust lot size accordingly

✅ Avoid changing of password without prior notification with the team

✅Additional charges will apply upon reaching $30,000 balance in compliance with our terms and condition.

✅Don’t place any trade manually nor connecting different system on the account to avoid extra additional risk.

✍️If you paid via CARDS and wanting to manage your subscription on the vps go to ?biilings.eliteforextraders.com